Lets Go! – Specific aims

1. Promote unity by developing cultural exchanges between children and young people of different ages, religions, genders, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds through the medium of sport.

2. Provide structured football games and training facilities for children of all backgrounds, particularly those from poor families and/or at risk of radicalisation or criminality, in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

3. Promote healthier lifestyles among young people through exercise, better nutrition, study and conflict resolution, leading to improved personal behaviours, greater equality and improved life chances. .

4. Encourage and develop a child’s confidence and sense of self-worth based on personal merit, irrespective of ethnicity, socio-economic background, religious or political affiliation, sexual orientation or gender, through the medium of football.

5. Educate youth to understand the value of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, through sport. Encourage youth to gain a better understanding of others and respect their peers.

Why is this awareness important?

Local communities around the world are experiencing unprecedented diversity, with people of different ethnicities and faiths coming to live in the neighbourhood from all over the world. They look different, speak different languages, hold different beliefs and have different social circles. We all make multiple pre-judgements on a daily basis and there is often a lack of integration in these areas because of ignorance, mistrust and even fear between people of different backgrounds.

There are seldom opportunities for these barriers to be broken down, often because the are few platforms where everyone can meet and exchange experiences, and because there is no common language. Football, the global game, provides a common language and a unifying platform.

Through Football for Unity an environment is created where each child has the opportunity to play and study football, regardless of his or her background. Participants are provided with a positive platform on which they can express their aspirations and connect with fellow pupils from different backgrounds, thereby creating unity within local communities. In the process their social skills are strengthened and they are given the opportunity to develop their own voice. 

Lack of education and ignorance creates barriers. Many are burdened with prejudices against black, Asian or white people; against Muslims, Hindus, Jews or Christians; against the poor or the rich; the slow or the clever; the skinny or the obese; the disabled, the homeless, the jobless. Hatred of anyone who is different has no place in our new global community. Knowledge is key to tackling hatred and education is at the heart of Football for Unity.

Football for Unity is also about service to community. It is noble to lead by example and it is every person’s duty and responsibility to contribute to their community. By creating links and friendships between neighbours of different backgrounds within local communities, the programme helps to create a more harmonious, united community and paves the way for all sorts of future co-operation on social action projects.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.

Mahatma Gandhi